From time to time we get to the point of asking ourselves “should I let the game go on or should I yell fault…or time out?” But when we get to that point it is usually too late to have a change of heart – you are already in his bed and you’re way over first base. You can pull the time out card (I can’t, sorry; we shouldn’t do this; this is wrong). Or you can fake you’re hit (the good old headache) and get away with that.

…To sex or not to sex? When does the question pop into our head? Well, it usually does when you know that what you’re about to do is wrong (if everything would be ok you wouldn’t have any doubts). He is either your friend’s boyfriend or maybe you have a someone back home. Maybe both. That is one wrong + another wrong that equals a disaster. Not a fair play, that’s for sure.

There are, of course, other situations that force you to play in defense – like being a condom short. Yes, yes, he’ll play safe, right? :))

There are people who think that being a player is everything. But there are also people who don’t want to get back in the game. These are the ones who realize that winning is not about how many times you score, but knowing to quit after that one match that makes all those years of playing worth it.