Think for a second about the guys you dated. I know, mostly affairs you don’t want to remember. But what you’ll come to realize is that regardless of their actual profession, they would be so much better in other fields.

For example, I am sure you’ve met The Actor. Very talented guy, puts on impressive shows. For a moment there you actually believe everything he says is true. The stories seem so real, the interpretation so authentic. He deserves a round of applause for making you think you are the leading lady in this perfect romantic scenario. In reality, nothing is further from the truth. He plays so many roles that you have to give him credit for remembering all the female characters names even though his lines might sometimes be the same.

That’s when you meet The Politician. Smart guy. Presentable. Has his way with words. He likes to communicate, talks about transparency. You are finally happy you found someone who understands the importance of  good communication in a successful relationship. But then you discover what he is all about,  how he manipulates the dialogues and turns them in his advantage, how he tackles only subjects he feels he is in control of, how he avoids delicate questions and gives evasive answers. As I said, he would make a fine politician.

You might have also come upon the IRS Agent. Not much to say about this one except that he takes a part of your revenue as if it’s his rightful claim. You start giving money, again and again until you get fed up and one day you decide you won’t open the door the next time he rings.

So you try out someone different. How does a Rock Star sound? Great, huh? Hmm… not really. Yes, he is cool, looks hot, they are all drawn to him like flies to… honey. But soon you realize there’s not so much room for you. Because his ego takes up all the space. And the groupies around the corner.

You then go out with The Poet. Seems too nice to be true. He turns you into his muse, treats you like a princess, romance is his middle name, his words are pure poetry. He makes plans and the future sounds so good you could cry. Plans, after plans, after plans. You realize fantasying is the thing he does best.

The list can continue with the assistant – always ready to take orders, always your decision; the sales man; the detective… You probably already dated some, most certainly you will cross roads with others… The question you have to ask yourself is: what do you want him to be, now, that he is all grown up?