As the years pass and you keep getting in and out of relationships, you begin to realize that life is not as you thought it will be. Sure, you imagined prince charming in a white Cadillac or a black Rolls would somehow find you (while you do nothing but wait) and you would live happily ever after in one of his penthouse suites.

But all you get is 5 so called relationships in the past 14 months. And that’s if you count the one night stand with some guy at some party.

Yeah…your life ’s not quite a Hollywood scenario – with you falling head over heels for him and him loving you to death, with slow motion scenes and classic love songs that start playing in your head every time he kisses you. In real life, the odds of finding a relationship that lasts are lower than watching a movie where Bruce Willis isn’t unbreakable.

Is it something wrong with us? Do we always find the wrong men? Are we attracted only by the bad guys? Or is it that all the good ones are taken?