“People go to blind dates the same reason they go to casinos. Hoping to hit the Jackpot. But most of the times they end up broke or alone at the bar.” Carrie in Sex and the City

For some it’s out of pure fun, others want to try something new and for some it’s one of those last resort decisions. They know the odds are not in their favor, but they’re still willing to take the risk. And they go there hoping for the best.

So that’s how you find yourself all dressed up, in front of a Martini glass, checking your phone every 10 seconds. You scan every guy who enters, more and more convinced that this time it must be him. You smile, he smiles back but he passes right by you and stops 2 tables away where his friends are or…you think he’s coming to you and just when you’re ready to introduce yourself – his girlfriend, right behind you : “Baby, you’re late!” If you think that’s funny…well…it is. But not if you’re the one wasting your time waiting for God knows who (cause you sure don’t).

So you take another sip… or two… and before you realize it, you finish your drink and order another one.

You keep lying to yourself that these are the last 10 minutes, or the last hand… but it’s not… Could it be that maybe we just don’t know how to loose?

45 minutes and 2 drinks later you decide it’s time to face the reality. You got stood up. He either didn’t show up or he took one look at you and ran for the hills.

End of story: you loose your time… or your money and you ask yourself, why taking the chance in the first place? If we know the house always wins, why gamble?